Writing is lonely work. A solitary process. That is conventional wisdom, and it’s true.

But writers can find illumination in the right ambience and with people who understand and support them. Namely – other writers. And, nature can be an amazing muse.  The Himalayan Writing Retreat brings all these elements together to offer true inspiration to a writer

We understand the needs of a novice writer and how they differ from those of an author who has published a lot. We offer different experiences for different writer groups. It is amazing how the company of people fired by the same dreams can create magic.

One of the Himalayan Writing Week venues


View from Retreat venue, Satoli Village

We offer many themes and durations. Our themes range from serious book writing to Blogging & Podcasting to writing workshops for kids. Our durations go from a 3 day extended weekend workshop for novices to 10 day retreats for the veteran writer.


The Himalayas have a track record for providing creative inspiration and so do we.  At our retreats, writers thrive, grow and learn.


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To learn more about upcoming events, our author-hosts and our amazing locations, please visit our website at www.himalayanwritingretreat.com.