I’m darker and healthier than both. My emails have no secrets and I pay my taxes.

Okay seriously. The Bombay Lit Fest has a writing contest. Of the 1848 contestants, 25 will be shortlisted based on popular vote.

I seek your vote – only if you think I deserve it.

Your vote will help at least some people take my label of writer seriously, including myself. Since I gave up my corporate persona I have tried on many obscure identities (see https://uncityblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/my-new-title-vice-president-of-something-obscure/ ) and I like “writer” best.

So my request is simple :

  1. Click on this link http://wshe.es/ySLcvz99 (Don’t know why they remove all paragraphs/ breaks, but all entries are like that.)
  2. If you like what you read, vote.
  3. If you don’t, comment / email and tell me. Feedback helps.
  4. If you laughed, absolutely loved it, and have wanted to write a book yourself, come to the Himalayan Writing Retreat at https://uncityblog.wordpress.com/retreat/

Those familiar with my blog will note that this piece is based on an earlier blog post. That is acceptable as per the contest rules. It is still original writing.

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